Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The 7 C's of Happiness

What are the critical ingredients for experiencing genuine happiness? Here are seven elements of life that I believe are essential to the attainment of human happiness. I call them the "7C's in the pursuit of happiness." One is not more important than any of the others.

1. Compassion
In order to evolve into a state of happiness, you must develop your in-born ability to care about life, to value life in all its forms, to engage in loving, kind actions, to cultivate an attitude of what Nobel laureate, Dr. Albert Schweitzer called "reverence for life,". (including your own).

2. Contentment
Inner calm. Peace of mind and heart does not mean acceptance of everything that happens. It does mean letting go of fear. When you live life fearlessly, you experience a kind of peace that permeates every cell of your body, every thought of your mind, every emotion of your heart, every element of your spirit.

3. Connection
Without effectively connecting to other humans, you become less than human yourself. Connection means involving yourself in relationship to everyone around you, connecting to your own inner life, and becoming aware of the environment in which you live. Learn to create a high quality relationship, and your happiness is almost guaranteed.

4. Communication
Communication is our primary method for connection. It increases your knowledge, your understanding, and your awareness. Language is precious. Words are the building blocks of all happiness.

5. Commitment
Oprah Winfrey says that what motivates her to get up in the morning is "my commitment to my life and fulfilling my life purpose." If one of your life's purposes is to enhance your happiness, committing your life to the service of others brings more happiness than you can imagine. Happiness requires you commit yourself to something larger than yourself.

6. Consciousness
Most spiritual teachers believe we are living in a sleep-like or dream state. In order to be happy, one must increase one's awareness of life. And the single awareness that is most conducive to happiness is: the impermanence of everything. Life is in a constant state of flux, of change, of rhythm and of evolution.

7. Creativity
Creating your life experience by consciously choosing your thoughts, your actions, your decisions and your attitudes will allow you to attain personal happiness regardless of external circumstances. The pursuit of happiness is not something you search for or attain from outside your skin. Happiness develops from within. You were born to be happy. You were given life to experience happiness. Pursuing it is your right. Sail the 7 C's of happiness and the pursuit of it becomes obvious and being alive becomes the happiest of moments.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

One example is Better than 10.000 Words of Advice

By Pormadi Simbolon

In the public, we can find that the word of 'integrity' are often be a simply toyed and be a sweet word on the tongue.

The public can see an example of the recruitment of leadership. How to be a leader, for example: village heads, district, regents, governors, members of Parliament, the President, etc. One of requirement is a must to have an integrity.

One more important requirement for officially and commonly practiced in the government to strengthen the integrity of a leader is to say the pledge or oath before God, and accompanied by one of his priests.

In fact, some of those who were subsequently elected in leadership many of them do not have integrity.

Many of them while addressing an official speech: they prohibit subordinates doing corruption, but they themselves corrupt. When they ask a subordinate to be disciplined, but they break down the rule of discipline. They requested subordinates to maintain ethical manner, but they do not have their own manners. They prohibit public not to watch porn's video for morality reason, but they do.

Integrity is defined that words are harmony with action, performance. Someone isto be said having integrity if the words embodied in the act.

When campaigning, Joko Widodo promised, if they win the election for governor, they will issue Jakarta healthy cards and Jakarta smart cards to the people in need as an effort to build a welfare society. The promise was fulfilled, when Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and her partner Tjahaya Basuki Purnama (Ahok) won the elections for the governor and deputy governor of Jakarta.

The lack of integrity as well as hypocrisy. Hypocrisy shows the surface of an action is just as self-image, but actually, there is a cover-up decay.

Equally, however, a religious leader or religious scholars, in Javanese language, "iso khotbah, ora iso ngelakoni ", may preach, but could not do it. He preached that the people must live away from the prohibitions of Allah, but he deviated from the commandments of God.

Now, we need not the speech of a leader, if it does not have the effectiveness and side effects for the listener. For example, a speech about vision of Indonesia in future is to protect all citizens of Indonesia and promote the general welfare. This speech will not have the power to influence the public when there is a minority in the field and their human rights are not protected. It's called hypocrisy, and it has no integrity.

Professor Sharif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta, Azyumardi Azra, see the leaders of this nation as a sign of lack of practicing integrity, but hypocrisy. As a result, values ​​disorientation occurs in almost all aspects of life. Some people also take the bypass road, easy to find their own way, and no longer believe in the law (Kompas, 9/3).

Hypocrisy show lack of integrity of the leader. Azyumardi give an example, when leaders asked the political elite not noisy, but at the same time it noisy with the internal crisis in the party.

Needed One Example
People are already tired of looking at the leaders with no integrity. Public need an example of integrity. We can see an evident from the winning pair and Ahok Jokowi the Jakarta gubernatorial election.

For the public, it is true the words of these wise men: one example is far better than 10.000 words of advice. For people, samples of Jokowi's work in Solo and Ahok's work in East Belitung is convincing enough to encourage them to choose Jokowi-Ahok as leader in DKI Jakarta Province.

Looking forward, the word and the meaning of integrity in choosing leaders should no longer be mocked. Soon there will be election for presidential candidate and representatives' candidate. This is a chance where the public must see examples or role models that they had done in the past to be choosed for the candidates as well as candidates for president and vice president,and also representatives candidate.

Pormadi Simbolon is an alumnus STFT Widya Sasana Malang
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Friday, March 08, 2013

"The beggar and Pope John Paul II"

A Priest from New York went to Rome for an audience with Pope John Paul ll. Whilst in Rome, before his meeting he decided to go to a church to pray. As he walked through the door he saw a beggar sitting on the steps, which is not uncommon, and yet he sensed something familiar about him. When he had finished praying he walked back out and decided to speak to the beggar, at which time they realised that they knew each other and had gone to Seminary together. The beggar revealed how he had been a Priest and had `crashed and burned' in his vocation.

Later, when the Priest had an audience with the Pope, he joined the line of people who were processing past, and when his turn came, he gave in to a holy impulse and fell to his knees asking the Pope to pray for the beggar he had met earlier, telling him of how he was a Priest but had now fallen on hard times.
The Pope gave the Priest an invitation to bring the beggar to dinner with him that evening. The Priest immediately went from St Peters to the small church and found the beggar was still on the steps. The Priest told the beggar of the invitation they had been given from John Paul ll. The beggar said that he could not possibly do such a thing, but the Priest insisted telling him he was not going to this meal without him. He then took the beggar to his hotel room and gave him a loan of his razor and some clothes.

The two men arrived an hour later at the Papal apartments and sat down and ate a nice meal with the Pope. An hour later the Pope asked the Priest to kindly leave him alone with his friend. The Priest found out, later that evening, what had happened when he left the room:
The Pope turned to the beggar and said, "Would you hear my confession?" The beggar replied, "but I am not a Priest anymore!" The Pope then told him, "once a Priest, you are always a Priest." But the beggar told the Pope that he was out of good standing with the church. The Pope replied, "I am the Bishop of Rome, I can reinstate you right now," which he then does.The Pope then knelt before the beggar and confessed his sins. The beggar-Priest barely got the words of absolution out before he fell on his knees and with tears in his eyes asks the Pope to hear his confession. Once the beggar-Priest was restored to Christ and in a state of grace, the Pope asked the other Priest to come back into the room. The Pope asked him which church he had found his friend at, upon learning he then told the beggar-Priest, "for your first pastoral assignment I want you to go to this church and report for duty, because you will be an associate there, with a special outreach to your fellow beggars on the street" – and to this day that is where the beggar-Priest works, helping the dispossessed.

And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained."(John 20:22 & 23).

Note: It is a true story, as been told by EWTN and that Dr Scott Hahn has met the Priest in this story in person.
(Milis ApiKatolik)
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