Friday, June 22, 2012

24 Truths about Yourself that you should Know

And one thing that you should not forget about all your life on this earth ... 

(1) Your presence is a gift to the world. (2) You are unique and only you are like you in this world. (3)Your life can be what you want. (4)One day you pass through will never be played again (5)Count your blessings, not your problem. (6) You can go through all obstacles whatever comes into your life. 

(7) In your self there are so many answers. (8) In this life, you must be a person who understands org, have the courage and strong. (9)Do not put limits on yourself. (10) So many dreams are waiting to be realized. (11) The decisions you make today will affect your future. (12) Reach for your peak, your goal and your prize. (13) No more waste your energy issue, (14) The longer you are silent on the issue, the more weight it for yourself. 

(15) Do not take things too seriously. (16) Live in peace, not life in regret. (17) Remember that just a little love can change someone's life. (18) Lots of love can make this world full of wonders. (19) Remember that friendship is a wise investment. (20) Assets of life are the ones that exist and interact around you. (21) Realize that it's never too late. (22) Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. (23) Have health, hope and happiness. (24)Take time to pray to the Lord. 

And do not ever forget... even a day ....that you are very special. 

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