Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's reject intolerance through writing!

There are many ways to reject intolerance in religious faith. One of them is rejecting intolerance through writing on mylot or other media both newspaper or internet. 

Intolerance is an enemy of the peace life in the world. Intolerance is not accordance to human nature. God loves all people in the world regardless what is their religion.

Sending an article or opinion to a newspaper

I try to write many opinion and sending it to some newspapers. Most of them it is not published. Only a small number is published. I am happy. I get amount money that adding my pcoket money. 

I think I must improve my skill writing and others languages in order to get a good writing. Besides, I should read many books according to competences. Rejecting my writing is not something bad for me. 

My experiences, someone neger give up to try the best.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Integrity of the faithful

Sermon / homily:
Integrity of the Faithful
Source of meditation: Matthew 6:19-23

Public spotlight on problems  of nation today is the issue of self integrity and character of the nation. Money is viewed as an absolute property that meets happiness. This encourages people to pursue worldly possessions with corruption. More and more people neglect and abandon the spirit of religious values ​​and the Pancasila. As a result, the nation's integrity and character of the more questionable.
The solution offered by the observers and thinkers, law enforcement and education is character. Then how about we the faithful? What can we do?

Religion is a source of values ​​that can serve as our nation's character as a child. Each religion offers the spirit of religious values ​​that are not contrary to Pancasila.
Reading today confirmed the teaching of Jesus for us who believe in Him. At least three points that can build integrity and character we as believers.

The first, gather the heavenly treasure.
In conditions like today, the teachings of Jesus are very relevant, because many people become selfish and give an absolute value for money and property. Jesus reminds Christians that the goal is to collect treasure worth far more glorious and eternal, the heavenly treasure. This property can be anything that means noble and eternal, which is generated due to the lack of sharing, forgiving one another, to suffer for Christ, doing good, and so forth. That is a treasure to be collected by all Christians with all their heart.

Secondly, keep your heart in order not to be enslaved by possessions.
Heavenly treasures is not easy, because in essence is a matter of perspective. Christians should be careful not to be easily tempted by what he saw. Christians should also be aware that in relation to the property, we are required to be strictly between the use of property or property enslaved. When we are enslaved by the property, then we are further away from God, and vice versa.

Third, the eye is the lamp of the body
The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body of light, if your eye is bad, your whole body gelaplah. ... If the light within you is darkness, how pekatnya darkness.

A parable is a very touching and profound. The eyes are one of the important organs in our body. Eyes are a good window to look out and to look into. Through our eyes can see what lies beyond us. If our eyes are good, we can catch our sights beyond the obvious. On the other hand, through our eyes, people can see what's on in our hearts. If our eyes are red, those that capture our hearts raging anger. If our eyes are puffy, people perceive that our hearts are troubled. If our eyes lit up, people perceive that there is joy in our hearts.

Given the importance of the eyes, then we need to keep and use the spring as well. The eyes are always directed to the good stuff will reflect the good. So, get used to listening to the good stuff.

Instead, the eyes are always directed to the bad things that will, reflects the ugliness. So, keep your eyes well, do not get excited, glaring things that are not good.

The third point is if we refelct and do nicely, it will bring us to joy. The integrity of ourselves even more firmly. We can be witnesses of Christ to those around us by way of the truth, Kings of Heaven.
We realize how much God loves us. For God confirms seek heavenly treasures, together with the search for the truth of God first, then happiness will be transferred to us. God does not want us to be worried, because it is he prepared for us in many ways he wants. It requires of us is faith in the truth of God. AMEN

24 Truths about Yourself that you should Know

And one thing that you should not forget about all your life on this earth ... 

(1) Your presence is a gift to the world. (2) You are unique and only you are like you in this world. (3)Your life can be what you want. (4)One day you pass through will never be played again (5)Count your blessings, not your problem. (6) You can go through all obstacles whatever comes into your life. 

(7) In your self there are so many answers. (8) In this life, you must be a person who understands org, have the courage and strong. (9)Do not put limits on yourself. (10) So many dreams are waiting to be realized. (11) The decisions you make today will affect your future. (12) Reach for your peak, your goal and your prize. (13) No more waste your energy issue, (14) The longer you are silent on the issue, the more weight it for yourself. 

(15) Do not take things too seriously. (16) Live in peace, not life in regret. (17) Remember that just a little love can change someone's life. (18) Lots of love can make this world full of wonders. (19) Remember that friendship is a wise investment. (20) Assets of life are the ones that exist and interact around you. (21) Realize that it's never too late. (22) Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. (23) Have health, hope and happiness. (24)Take time to pray to the Lord. 

And do not ever forget... even a day ....that you are very special. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Begin from education in family

I see that some people can not be tolerant to other religion. It is shown in local and international newsapaer. A certain religious group killed others for keeping their pure religious teachings. What is the root of this intolerance? Maybe, religious teachings. 

I think the solution is a good education. Children should be teached to respect others. Children are the future of family and nation and world citizen. Parents take a big role in here. 

Let's learn to live our live

Let's learn to live our lives for the sake of self-improvement.

Beautiful only temporary, lasting only a memory, sincerity only comes from the heart, not easy to find the lost, not easy to chase a dream, but it is more difficult to retain an existing one. Because even if grasped can be detached as well. 

Remember the adage, "If you do not have what you like, then to care what you have today"
Let's learn to accept what is and think positively .... Luxury house like a palace, countless possessions, position, and a remarkable position, but .. When the last breath came, a needle could not be taken away. Ply could not have. What else would contested.

What else would boast? So Live the life with the conviction of conscience, not too calculating. Do not just selfish. Do not like to hurt others especially to those who contributed to us. Learn, no day without love. Always tolerant and yield. Cheerful life, free ... Nothing that can not be released with sincerity ... There was no pain that is unforgivable. There was no resentment that can not be deleted ..

Live the life with all the positive properties that we have .... If your heart as clear as water, do not let him mess. If your day as white cloud, do not let it clouds. If your day as beautiful as the moon, decorate him with affection.
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